The Boulder BI Brain Trust
Brain Trust: Past Participants
Alteryxtuate "The BBBT provides a truly unique opportunity to interact with BI practitioners who really understand the issues around building an effective BI application. The feedback is always relevant and extremely valuable for us to market more effectively to our prospects and to plan our future capabilities to add to our products. Last but not least, Claudia creates a fun atmosphere where you can exchange information and opinions candidly."
- Nobby Akiha, Senior VP of Marketing, Actuate
Alteryx "The time spent with the members of the BBBT was very beneficial. The candid feedback received on a number of topics, from messaging to competitive positioning to channel development, was quite helpful and provided guidance not just on useful pursuits, but pursuits that might pose great challenges for us. Thanks for all the work you do for technology providers!"
- Dean Stoecker, President & CEO of Alteryx, Inc.
Balanced Insight "The Boulder BI Braintrust provided Balanced Insight with very valuable guidance and insight. I believe that with the experience as practitioners and vision of the market the BI Braintrust offers a truly unique experience for the vendor community. The active conversation and feedback will definitely help Balanced Insight shape our future destiny in the Agile BI Development market. We look forward to an ongoing dialog with this forward thinking organization."
- Tom Hammergren, President & CEO, Balanced Insight, Inc.
Composite Software "Working with the Boulder BI Brain Trust was a truly unique experience that provided significant value to Composite Software. In our session we were able to do deep dives into significant topics, gaining positive encouragement on our strategy and useful feedback on our tactics. Frankly, it was a ball! I cannot wait to do it again"
- Robert Eve, Vice President of Marketing, Composite Software Inc.
Confio "Thanks again for hosting the Boulder BI Brain Trust. I like the BBBT members and I appreciated the way you grilled us! We wanted real info and that is what we got."
– Don Bergal, Chief Operating Officer, Confio Software
Denodo "In an age where technology marketing has gone hyperbolic, BBBT has put the focus back on people (who build technology, quite smart) talking to other people (who recommend or implement technology, hence smarter and wiser) with the broad objective to expose true innovation, pinpoint business benefit/utility, identify limitations, and influence future direction of BI and Data Integration. This in itself is a yeoman service to the end customers, vendors and consultant/analyst community alike. All this happens in a lively and interactive session where the audience is attentive, unforgiving in cross-questioning, and yet charitable with their ideas and inputs. Add to this the warm hospitality and charm of the hosts, Claudia and Dave, and what you get is an unforgettable event that I was privileged to be a part of. Thank you all!"
– Suresh Chandrasekaran, SVP, Denodo Technologies
Expressor "Our Chief Scientist and Cofounder John Russell and I truly appreciated the opportunity to meet with the Boulder BI Brain Trust. At the meeting, we had the opportunity to discuss our GTM and product strategies and provide the BBBT with an in-depth overview of our innovative smart semantics-based DI technology and product. And even more importantly, we received invaluable feedback from them based upon their extensive BI, data warehousing and data integration market experience and expertise."
– Dr. Michael Waclawiczek, Vice President of Marketing, expressor software
HP "I have two words to describe my experience at the Boulder BI Brain Trust: uncommon synergy. There are not many places where you can find a group of people who are interested in a dialogue and relationship for the common good of all involved. Thank you for your questions, insight, time and friendship."
- John Santaferraro, Director of Marketing for the HP Business Intelligence Portfolio

"What an unusual opportunity to meet with such a concentration of great BI talent and exchange ideas on topics of current interest."
- Rod Walker, VP Information Management, C&I Americas, Hewlett-Packard
IBM "Many thanks for inviting us to present to the BBBT. We really enjoyed the discussion and thought the two-way exchange of ideas provided valuable insight. We look forward to many future interactions."
- William O'Connell, Ph.D. - Distinguished Engineer, Data Warehousing CTO - IBM Software Group - Information Management Division
InfoBright "I would whole-heartedly encourage any up-and-coming supplier in this space to engage with the BBBT, and do so with an absolutely open mind. The BBBT team represents a broad range of very smart, very engaged analysts who will challenge you on many levels. As a technology provider, that allowed us to calibrate our message and challenge our own thinking about our positioning, direction, and even a few tactical steps along the way. I found the group to be engaged and helpful, and plan to periodically re-engage as we move forward. Claudia has done a great job in building the BBBT."
- Don DeLoach, President and CEO, Infobright Inc.
InfoBright "The Boulder BI Brain Trust provided Infobright with access to leading thinkers in the data warehousing industry. The conversations were lively and thoughtful, providing Infobright with valuable insight and great feedback on our value proposition and market opportunities. It's hard to imagine any other organization bringing so much data warehousing expertise to bear at any cost."
- Miriam G. Tuerk, President & CEO, Infobright Inc.
Jaspersoft "I very much enjoyed our session with the Boulder BI Brain Trust. It is rare to have the opportunity to present to and receive feedback from such a collective of BI brain power. The feedback was thoughtful and has helped shape some of our strategies. I look forward to future sessions where we can enjoy both the constructive criticism and the warm hospitality of the BBBT team."
- Karl Van den Bergh, VP, Product and Alliances, Jaspersoft
Jaspersoft "What a pleasure to spend that much quality time with the entire BBBT-affiliated team. Tapping into some of the most experienced and brightest minds in business intelligence and data warehousing should be so easy! For me, it was an added bonus to see and speak with a bunch of long-time friends. I think the most impressive part was the insightful questions they posed and the suggestions offered. The Jaspersoft team appreciated the feedback and surely took some valuable ideas from this interaction that will help us refine our future product plans and messages. My thanks to the BBBT team as we look forward to our next briefing."
- Brian Gentile, CEO, Jaspersoft
Kickfire "The Boulder BI Brain Trust is a truly unique independent analyst forum with its combination of expert advice, market influence, and real-time feedback – all extremely helpful to vendors, customers and the larger BI community."
- Bruce Armstrong, Chairman and CEO of Kickfire
Kognitio "Kognitio's meeting with the Boulder BI Brain Trust was incredibly valuable to our product and go to market plans. Members of our marketing and technical leadership team presented Kognitio's plans and vision and the BBBT team provided constructive, clear and concise feedback on where we could augment, sharpen and focus our efforts to increase the clarity of our message and the penetration rate of WX2 and DaaS into the vertical and geographic markets we have chosen to attack. This was the best half day I have spent with a group of advisers in the 20+ years that I have been working in the field of data warehousing and business intelligence. We look forward to collaborating with the BBBT team again in the near future."
- John K. Thompson, President, Kognitio
KXEN "The BBBT brings together some great minds in Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics, providing a terrific opportunity for vendors to tell their story to a wide audience while gaining valuable insight about end user requirements."
- Andrew Savitz, VP, Worldwide Marketing, KXEN
logiXML "The Boulder BI Brain Trust has given us the unique opportunity to present our technology to an incredibly wide array of the most the most influential people in our industry all at once. Because the audience interacts directly with us, as well as with each other, we gained incredibly valuable feedback on our products and almost every aspect of how we go to market. It’s extremely organized, well-run, and is one of the most valuable events on our calendar."
- Ken Chow, CMO logiXML
Lyzasoft Inc. "What a gift it was to present to the Boulder BI Brain Trust. The BBBT attendees were engaged and insightful, and the feedback we received was invaluable to us. Thank you for the warm hospitality, and we look forward to keeping the BBBT informed of our progress."
- Scott Davis, Founder and CEO Lyzasoft, Inc.
Panorama "The BBBT is a group of very savvy BI analysts who have an open mind and deep understanding of the direction the BI technology is heading. Our briefing session was attended by BBBT analysts from around the world, and it was very rewarding to hear the warm welcome they gave to the Social and Suggestive features of Necto as well as to the new look and feel of the system. Thanks you Claudia and David for getting this very great team together."
- Rony Ross, Founder, Executive Chairman of Panorama Software
Paraccel "BBBT is simply the most exhilarating analyst briefing experience available. Everyone is engaged and provides instant feedback, whether they are in the room or calling in from across the globe. The level of interaction is high and learning is the top agenda item. It's a great combination of both market followers and hands-on practitioners. Nowhere else will you get such a broad range of experience coming at you to be explored. Game on!"
- Kim Stanick of ParAccel
Pentaho "The BBBT was a terrific experience for the Pentaho team. Claudia and Dave are such gracious hosts. The interactive, global feedback from the well-respected BI industry analysts was invaluable. I was particularly impressed the BBBT's interest and insight into the emerging trends regarding embedded analytics for the Cloud and Big Data analytics. The BBBT is keeping a steady eye on the future of analytics. I also walked away with some terrific marketing advice on Pentaho messaging and product positioning! All in all, a very rewarding day in Boulder!"
- Quentin Gallivan, CEO, Pentaho
Pervasive Software "I found the Boulder BI Brain Trust to be a unique and refreshing experience - a high-energy half-day with a group of smart, engaged independent thinkers who bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to the table. The time spent was well-structured, fast-paced and highly interactive, with the in-person and on-line participants alike. My colleagues and I came away with fresh thinking and insights on both our existing and planned strategies and products."
- Mike Hoskins, Pervasive Software CTO and General Manager, Integration Products
Talend "The Boulder BI Brain Trust was a very valuable experience and the feedback received from the attendees was extremely useful. The opportunity to spend half a day with leading analysts and industry experts in the data warehousing industry was very unique and certainly one of the most, if not the most intense and insightful meeting that I have had an opportunity in which to participate. The environment was to-the-point and dynamic, providing us with a great opportunity for exchange on our respective perceptions of the market and our product positioning; there are not many circumstances where this would have otherwise been feasible. Our sincere thanks to the BBBT group… and we look forward to the next opportunity to provide an updated presentation to this group in the near future."
- Vincent Pineau, Vice President and General Manager for the Americas, Talend
TUSC "Your feedback will have a monumental impact on our product direction – Thank you!"
- Bradley D. Brown, Chief Technology Officer, TUSC
Vertica "Our session with the Boulder BI Brain Trust was extremely valuable for us as we look for new business opportunities and prepare Vertica for its next stage of growth. The level of data warehousing industry knowledge and expertise the BBBT possesses meant the questions were incisive and their feedback highly credible. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the BBBT as we evangelize the benefits of grid-enabled, column-oriented analytic database technology."
- Andy Palmer, Cofounder, Vertica
"The decision to launch our new product, WhereScape 3D, at the Boulder BI Brain Trust was an easy one - where else can you get access to such a well informed, smart, and experienced group of data warehouse professionals? Kudos to Claudia and Dave for creating the BBBT: I cannot recommend it highly enough as a way to update industry experts and receive relevant and actionable feedback...all in a friendly and fun environment. Thanks for having us back, and for helping make our software even better."
- Michael Whitehead, CEO and Founder, WhereScape Software
Yellowfin "The BBBT session was one of the best experiences of an analyst briefing that we have had. What made it so special is the diversity of analysts that make up the BBBT. They come from around the globe and have their own various BI specialities. As such each bring their own unique perspective to the event. I really enjoyed the opportunity to present to this great group of people. The discussion was robust and certainly shifted me in terms of my thinking about Yellowfin and its market positioning – and for that I thank you all."
- Glen Rabie, Founder and CEO, Yellowfin
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